Monday, June 21, 2010

wedding preps

I am always trying to see things in new and different have lived through the years of boring pictures. No more 35 mm film that was expensive to buy, to develop and never to "waste" on bad shots. I LOVE the digital age! It allows me to snap as many pictures as I wish, alter, crop, delete, longer are we made to settle for the shots we take!

Check out my new blog

This new blog adventure began as an assignment for a class I took this summer called "Blogs and Wikis Workshop". I thought about some ways that I could use a blog in my classroom, more specifically, in my new class at West Lyon called "Photography". It appears to me that with a very minimal budget and very minimal means of technology, I will be calling upon the vast store of "free" materials on the internet to make this class a reality. I am hoping that all or almost all students will be able to supply their own digital camera and a means of transferring pictures to a computer. I will be posting weekly photo assignments which will hopefully prompt the students to do some searching for some interesting photos which are different from the "normal"pictures that teenagers crossed tongues sticking out...but some actual assigned compostitions that will take some searching and seeing with new eyes. I am planning that each student will begin his/her own individual blog with at least one new post per week. This post will show their best work for the weekly assignment, and, hopefully, they will begin to see that their blogs can be viewed by anyone who chooses to see it, and that anyone may leave comments to their photographic posts. If you wish to commment on this post, please do so. I welcome your advice and knowledge of this world of digital photography. Check back again. Once I get going with pictures, there is no stopping me!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!