Monday, November 15, 2010

Up, Down and All Around

The assignment for this week is to find just ONE object and take pictures of it from all different angles, up, down and all around! Editing is required! My goal is that you fool the eye of the viewer. Make the colors different from usual, rev up the textures and contrast!

I have taken a "normal" photo of my object below so you can see the actual colors and shape of my object!

Edited with Photoscape-

Another edit with Photoscape-

Collage made with Picasa!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Outside the Lines

"Sans Color"

These are actually crayons standing on end that I layered and changed so much , then collaged. They remind me of trees.

*The assignment this week is color....with or without color...with lots of editing. See if you can come up with a photo of crayons, colored pencils, colored chalk, etc. that are no longer recognizable. I am giving you permission to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!!! PLEASE DO!

This shows the use of the Impressionistic tool.

I use Photoscape for my editing. I have discovered layer after layer after layer of edits. Each one adds its own special look to my photographs and when used in combinations, even more special. I enjoy trying to make the photos look like pencil or chalk drawings or paintings. I especially like the Impressionistic look I get. In Impressionistic paintings, the artist used small little dabs of color instead of brush strokes. That is how I did the ones below named "Speckled Landscape" and "Impressionistic Hues".

Please post at least 10 editing pictures of any colored drawing materials!

Please name at least 5 of your creations!

"Speckled Landscape"

"Standing Tall"

"Color"ful Bouquet

"Impressionistic Hues"


"The End"