Monday, January 31, 2011

#36 Faith

I chose this photo of my church, Seeds of Faith, as my visual description of the word "Faith". I realize that a building does not define a person's faith, but much of my strength comes from the people in this building.

I edited this photo on iPhoto, adding some clarity and contrast and finishing with the "vignette' setting under "effects".

Friday, January 28, 2011

#21 TIME

I chose this photo of pansies to represent "Time".....not in the ordinary sense of clocks or watches, but simply a time in my life....a time when mom was here, a time when we would sit in her back yard, near her planter of pansies, often the time around Sunday afternoon, enjoying coffee, laughter and "time" together.

I applied clarity, saturation and contrast to the photo, actually taken on the Drake University Campus. I LOVE the water droplets on the left side of the photo and the intense contrast between flowers and background. Take Time to Smell the Flowers!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

#14 Spring

This photo was taken at Orange City,Ia at the Tulip Festival. I chose this photo to describe "Spring". Tulips are so fleeting, staying only for a short time at the arrival of "Spring".

This photo was simply edited on iPhoto, enhancing color and contrast under button, "adjust", and adding the "edge blur" under "effects".

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#35 WORK

This photo reminds me of work, all the hard work and dedication and sweating out in the blazing sunlight it took and continues to take to make a good team.

I did all edits in Photoscape, superimposing one picture on top of another and making it as transparent as possible so it would not mask the photo beneath. I raised the saturation and contrast and added the dark edges in a task called "vignette". The lettering was also done on Photoscape.

Monday, January 24, 2011

#12 Spirit

This was taken during a recent baptism and says "Spirit" to me!
Spirit of the living God, One Body, One Lord, One Hope, One Faith, One Spirit....

I cropped and enhanced contrast and color on Photoscape. That's it!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

#16 UP

I took this photo from the top of a look out tower in a rest stop on an Iowa Interstate. I well remember the feeling of being UP!!! I was actually up too high for my liking!

This photo was cropped and enlarged and a little added contrast and clarity and that is it! I think the tilt of the photo helps add to the feeling of being off the ground and very high UP!

Friday, January 21, 2011

#38 Movement

This photo was taken earlier this school year when I gave the assignment "Scenery". I chose this photo to describe the word, "movement". I LOVE the crisp colors in this photo and I LOVE how the water looks like it is rushing over the rocks.

I edited this photo in iPhoto, upping the saturation and contrast and using a tool in the category called "Adjust" where I moved the "sharpness" bar to the right increasing the clarity of the photo.

#19 Light

I chose this photo taken at the Larchwood park in the fall to describe the word "light". Fall is approaching, but it is still warm and the sunlight through the trees makes an interesting pattern on the ground. I edited it in Photoscape, adding rays to the light shining through the trees. and I added "blur edges" and extreme saturation and extreme contrast in iPhoto.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

#11 Mother

I took this picture during a recent baptism at our church. The mother is shown physically caring for her child, but knowing the situation and being a mother myself, I know there is much more here than the physical. She is praying, loving, caring for and cherishing this child. The words I have placed over the picture are from the song the mother requested for the service that day.

I did all the editing in Photoscape. I added a tool called "bloom" to lighten up the faces, and was able to type the words to be placed on top in Photoscape as well. I made the word "Amen" more transparent and placed an opaque outline around the word.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

#33 Color

This photo was taken inside the gazebo at Tuthill park. I like all the colors I was able to pick out in a white structure. It had some color to it, but I saturated the color all the way to the extreme in iPhoto to give it more vivid color.

#31 Smiles

This photo says "smile", or at least, "thanks for my braces Mom!" I edited it in iPhoto, used the"adjust" button to unsaturate it to black and white, and then I used the "effects" button to "edge blur".

Cheesy smile #2 has been cropped in iPhoto, color has been enhanced by choosing "boost color" under "effects" button, and then again, under "effects", I applied "edge blur".

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#28 Texture

I chose this photo of a wicker basket at my house to describe the word "Texture". I enjoy the look of woven reed plus the addition of the roping near the bottom right.

I altered this photo with the use of iPhoto. I cropped, darkened, tilted, unsaturated to remove all color, and elevated the contrast to get a high contrast black and white photo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

#39 Memory

There are so many memories in this photo, it simply says so much in one place. The heart frame on the left and the one on the right as well have photos of my children when they were small. The rectangle frame on the right side shows Marissa picking "flowers" but in my memory, I know they really are weeds. The pin cushion belonged to my Mother, still as it was, filled with pins of all sorts, and little craft items such as a silk rose. The bracelet pinned to the cushion was one of the last gifts to her from my friend Dar. It is called the "Salvation Bracelet". Each stone stands for something pertaining to our salvation. I asked Dar to make one for my mama when she became so ill, and Dar insisted upon giving it to my mom without asking for any payment. I had so many great friends who were there for me. Thank you Dar! It was one of Mom's things that were given back to us when she knew her time on earth was nearing the end, and something I treasure!

I edited this picture on Photoscape by choosing the brown tones, or sepia tones, and then I chose the "antique" option it again in Photoscape.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

#13 COLD

This photo represents cold to me. I can see it, I can feel it, and I can remember being outside on this cold crisp but beautiful day. It is virtually unedited, except for cropping. The sky was the most amazing blue. I love the contrast between the white and the blue.

Friday, January 14, 2011

#32 Eyes

I have begun a new series of assignments this quarter. I have simply given the students a list of words and asked them to take ONE picture for each post that described the word given. If you look at my side margin with some of the sites I have listed, you will begin to see a # and a one word title. Some of the words seem quite easy and some of the words will take some thought. I believe the students are getting into this assignment. I am excited to see what they come up with. I was traveling tonight to a ball game and jotted down more words. I wish I had my camera along tonight so I could have put pictures to the words I saw along the way. It is my goal, as it has been for the first semester, to try to get the students to SEE, to really see things. These assignments are a way of attaching a vision to their thoughts! They have been doing an amazing job this year with limited time, space and supplies. I am very proud of them! Have a great time "viewing some of their thoughts"!!!