Monday, April 25, 2011

Train Edit

I took this picture near our home today and decided to do some edits!

I chose Sepia tone, then applied medium contrast with the "deepen" button, and 2 different antique effects in Photoscape. One of the antique effects added the paper punched effect to the left side and another added the look of old fashioned scratched filmstrip! The last effect added was Vignette to darken the edges- Which photo do you like better?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Picturing Rock Rapids

These first four pictures are from the Lyon County Court House in Rock Rapids, Iowa.


These building photos are from the Methodist Church in Rock Rapids, Ia.

These photos are from a beautiful home in Rock Rapids. The new header on my blog is from the same home.

I am very excited to have added a "D" to my photographic alphabet! I simply took that beautiful home front, turned the photo to the right and cropped out my "D"!

I hope you found time to look, to see, and to record life this week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

#7 Chain

This photo is of the pull chain for the light above my sink. I look at it every day, but took time to study it. I used photoscape to edit the picture. I added contrast, sharpness, upped the color through saturation and then added the vignette effect which causes the darkness around the edges.

#5 Lace

This photo is of the very edge of a lace curtain. Until I had taken it and studied the photo, I had never noticed that the edging was in the shape of bells. Photography really teaches me to be observant, to look and to really see things.

I used iPhoto to edit this photo. I cropped it up extra close, added extra contrast and clarity by moving the "sharpness" button

#2 Pink

This photo was taken in the art room of some artificial tulips.

I used Photoscape, softening around the edges, increasing saturation, increasing contrast, and choosing a medium "bloom" effect.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#11 Yellow

I chose this silk sunflower to describe the word "yellow". I editing this photo on photoscape, upping the saturation several times. I was able to add the word, "YELLOW" on "object" "text" on photoscape as well. I bloomed the center of the flower, added vignette effect to darken the corners and then added the white floral border last.

#4 Divide

I chose this picture of my front door, showing the "divide" between the outside and the inside of my house. I editing this picture on photoscape, adding the "bloom" effect, sharpening the picture and adding the vignette effect to darken around the edges.

#9 Seeing Double

This photo was taken at a motel during a softball tournament. The boys were having fun on each side of a window. I edited this picture in photoscape. I brightened, selected "bloom", added saturation of color, and added the vignette tool to darken around the edges.