Monday, June 21, 2010

wedding preps

I am always trying to see things in new and different have lived through the years of boring pictures. No more 35 mm film that was expensive to buy, to develop and never to "waste" on bad shots. I LOVE the digital age! It allows me to snap as many pictures as I wish, alter, crop, delete, longer are we made to settle for the shots we take!


  1. Just checking in to see if everything is working. Thanks for stopping by. PLease leave a comment and stop by again any time!!! Carol

  2. Carol,
    Saw a comment on one of your pics today and followed the trail :-) What a great thing to do is teach photography which will be an education with life long consequences.

    I enjoy flowers & sunsets mostly so enjoyed your stills.

    This is a Canadian photographer whose blog i follow He has a goal to get one good photo every day.