Friday, November 5, 2010

Outside the Lines

"Sans Color"

These are actually crayons standing on end that I layered and changed so much , then collaged. They remind me of trees.

*The assignment this week is color....with or without color...with lots of editing. See if you can come up with a photo of crayons, colored pencils, colored chalk, etc. that are no longer recognizable. I am giving you permission to COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES!!! PLEASE DO!

This shows the use of the Impressionistic tool.

I use Photoscape for my editing. I have discovered layer after layer after layer of edits. Each one adds its own special look to my photographs and when used in combinations, even more special. I enjoy trying to make the photos look like pencil or chalk drawings or paintings. I especially like the Impressionistic look I get. In Impressionistic paintings, the artist used small little dabs of color instead of brush strokes. That is how I did the ones below named "Speckled Landscape" and "Impressionistic Hues".

Please post at least 10 editing pictures of any colored drawing materials!

Please name at least 5 of your creations!

"Speckled Landscape"

"Standing Tall"

"Color"ful Bouquet

"Impressionistic Hues"


"The End"

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  1. Great set of photos. the song that was playing while I was here is one of my favorite. (Julie Meyer Paint your Picture)
    Have a great day and wonderful weekend.