Sunday, February 6, 2011

#1 Newness

Just as a reminder or maybe you are wondering what in the world I am doing here, I teach a class in photography and have given my students an assignment to come up with one photo to describe one word. They have 40 of them, so if you look in my left margin, you will see several sites with a # sign as a post name. These are my students' posts doing exactly what I have asked of them. Give the # of the assigned word, find one photo that you think describes that word and then tell me what edits you have done to the photo. Sounds easy, but some of the words are easier than others. The students have done a wonderful job so far, so take a look at some of their blogs. I have chosen to do the assignments right along with my class, so that will explain my strange blog posts lately.

Today's photo describes the word, "Newness" assignment #1.

This is a photo of a painting I did recently. It is called "River of Tears". It was painted after I was invited to enter some of my works in an art show dealing with breast cancer awareness. I called this River of Tears because up through the middle is a dark blue stream, and there are tears near the bottom of the seemingly dead tree. If you look toward the top, you will see new growth, which is why I chose it for today's word, "Newness". I know some breast cancer survivors and they share the sorrow, the sadness, the feelings of loss and I am sure, what seems like a "river of tears", BUT after the sorrow, the loss, the tears, there is new hope, new growth, and new life! The breast cancer event, titled, "Paint the Night Pink" showcased survivors "painting the night pink" in mind, body and spirit, strutting their new stuff!!! Amazing!

I simply cropped this picture in iPhoto and upped the contrast some. That is it!

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