Friday, January 14, 2011

#32 Eyes

I have begun a new series of assignments this quarter. I have simply given the students a list of words and asked them to take ONE picture for each post that described the word given. If you look at my side margin with some of the sites I have listed, you will begin to see a # and a one word title. Some of the words seem quite easy and some of the words will take some thought. I believe the students are getting into this assignment. I am excited to see what they come up with. I was traveling tonight to a ball game and jotted down more words. I wish I had my camera along tonight so I could have put pictures to the words I saw along the way. It is my goal, as it has been for the first semester, to try to get the students to SEE, to really see things. These assignments are a way of attaching a vision to their thoughts! They have been doing an amazing job this year with limited time, space and supplies. I am very proud of them! Have a great time "viewing some of their thoughts"!!!

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