Monday, January 17, 2011

#39 Memory

There are so many memories in this photo, it simply says so much in one place. The heart frame on the left and the one on the right as well have photos of my children when they were small. The rectangle frame on the right side shows Marissa picking "flowers" but in my memory, I know they really are weeds. The pin cushion belonged to my Mother, still as it was, filled with pins of all sorts, and little craft items such as a silk rose. The bracelet pinned to the cushion was one of the last gifts to her from my friend Dar. It is called the "Salvation Bracelet". Each stone stands for something pertaining to our salvation. I asked Dar to make one for my mama when she became so ill, and Dar insisted upon giving it to my mom without asking for any payment. I had so many great friends who were there for me. Thank you Dar! It was one of Mom's things that were given back to us when she knew her time on earth was nearing the end, and something I treasure!

I edited this picture on Photoscape by choosing the brown tones, or sepia tones, and then I chose the "antique" option it again in Photoscape.

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