Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Still Life

We spent the day today arranging, rearranging and trying different angles in the attempt to get some good still life photos that say AUTUMN!

Students in my photography class realized that it takes some practice, some luck and some editing to get just the right shot! This assignment was not the most interesting to some students, while other students really enjoyed it. I told them that if they ever do become a photographer, as a business or as a hobby, or perhaps they work at a flower shop or design for magazines, etc, they may not always be given an assignment that they LOVE, but they will have to do it anyway. That is part of the photography deal! This is my first year of teaching photography AND my first year of helping with the school yearbook. Subject matter is not always interesting, fun, cooperative, pretty, young or even enjoyable, but part of the process of learning. Here a few of my attempts today!

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