Monday, October 4, 2010


Your new assignment is to LOOK UP! I would like you to post 5 photos showing me some amazing sunset pictures, and 5 photos of objects with just the sky in the background.

SKY is an amazing, all natural backdrop! PLEASE edit, enhance, colorize, do whatever you can to make these shot amazing!!!

The Sky

© Sarah Baker

The sky is an endless portrait
With several smaller pictures
Made of white cotton candy
The endless, lovely,

The sky is like a vast ocean
Where its rocking waters can both
Create and destroy
Where happiness and sadness come together as one
The destructive, yet amazing,

The sky is like a disco ball
The colorful lights wildly search for a place
To call...”Home”
The colorful, and unpredictable,

The sky is a place
A place to think and to get away
From all the drama and stress

Somewhere where imagination roams,
Where murals are hidden in the clouds of cotton candy
The creative, colorful, secretive,

The sky is a world
Where I can be ME
A place where I will NEVER have to be fake
A place full of welcoming and understanding
The amazing, wonderful,

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