Sunday, October 10, 2010

Windows to the Soul

What a dark world we would have if no windows existed.
What a boring, baren wall we would have if they had not been created.

Have you ever noticed how they reflect the sky?
Have you ever stopped to study the patterns?
Did you realize there were windows WAY up at the top?
Did someone or something live here?
Why are we all of a sudden valuing these old, old, tattered windows?

Have you ever wondered ?

What is on the other side?

Who is on the other side?

Who thought of stained glass windows, and aren't we lucky someone did?

Have you ever noticed the amount of light that comes through a window even though it is night?

Who designed them? Who put them together?

What happens when we get to the other side?

Do they actually have a purpose?

Are they real or just for show?

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